Connecting Rural Carolina

with the Rest of the World

CCBA is making a difference by expanding broadband internet access to residents and businesses in the rural communities of Polk and Rutherford Counties in the rolling hills of beautiful western North Carolina.

Who We Are

We are a community alliance.

CCBA was created through a joint effort initiated by PANGAEA Internet, Polk County Government, and Rutherford County Government.

Our emphasis is rural.

Homes and businesses outside city limits often have no access to fast and reliable Internet, and that is our focus.

We invite and welcome everyone.

Individuals and businesses within Polk and Rutherford are invited to join the alliance and get involved in closing the digital divide.

We have an upside down financial model.

Because CCBA is not-for-profit, we find the areas that need service, then figure out a way to fund the cost of getting service to that area.

Our focus is unserved and underserved.

More than 25% of homes across the two counties have no access to broadband internet, and CCBA believes no home should be left behind.

CCBA is a sustainable non-profit.

Backed by PANGAEA Internet’s 20-year history as a self-sustaining non-profit organization, CCBA is here for the long-haul.

What We Do

Carolina Community Broadband Alliance (CCBA) exists to expand educational and economic opportunity by increasing access to affordable and fast internet in rural communities.

Solving the broadband access challenge requires wide involvement from stakeholders: public, nonprofit and private organizations, service providers, governmental agencies, educational institutions, regional broadband champions, policymakers and citizens. CCBA is the umbrella under which these stakeholders collaborate to find solutions to conquer the digital divide.  

The work of Carolina Community Broadband Alliance includes stimulating community involvement and participation in broadband survey and data collection efforts, catalyzing clusters of need, and facilitating fundraising efforts to cover initial capital expenditures to provide broadband access to unserved and underserved communities in Polk and Rutherford Counties.

CCBA is a community-owned solution, and we welcome you to join the work of bringing connectivity to our rural residents.  

Beth Revis, a New York Times best-selling author, using the free Wi-Fi outside Mount Vernon-Ruth Elementary School in Rutherfordton, N.C.  Photo Credit: Jacob Biba for The New York Times, published May 20, 2020. Photo used with permission.

Why We Do It

For years residents and businesses in Rutherford and Polk Counties have needed more and better internet access.

The problem has been known for a long time, and the pandemic shined a light on just how massive the problem is all across America. Today everyone understands better than ever that students and adults who don’t have access to the internet are truly at a life-inhibiting disadvantage.

Digital Inclusion – creating opportunities for everyone to access and be able to use affordable internet and devices – is more important than ever. As predominantly rural counties, Polk and Rutherford are mostly low-population-density areas. Though the towns generally have one or more viable Internet service providers, the rural areas of the Counties are largely underserved or unserved. 

We’re thankful for free wi-fi spots that can be found across the community, but we can’t depend on that alone! Our residents deserve great internet at home as well as at work.

Founding Partners

CCBA originated as a public/private partnership in Polk County Government, Rutherford County Government and PANGAEA Internet.

Polk County

Polk County is a rural community nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina. With a total population of about 21,000, Polk County is composed of six townships including Columbus, Tryon, Cooper’s Gap, Green Creek, White Oak, and Saluda. Polk County is 82% rural.

PANGAEA Internet

PANGAEA is a community-led non-profit that provides Internet service to government, healthcare, education, and commercial organizations in western North Carolina. As with many rural broadband initiatives, PANGAEA grew from a realization that broadband internet access is vital infrastructure for the economic, educational, and social health of all.

Rutherford County

Rutherford County neighbors Polk County to the east and is composed of 563 square miles of land area and a population of about 68,000. The county is portioned into 8 townships/cities. Rutherford County is 61% rural.

Join the Community Alliance!

Help us erase the digital divide that has plagued rural communities who have been unserved by traditional internet service providers.

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